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Morse Code Magnetic Bracelets Bad Ass

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  • MORSE CODE: Morse code is a kind of magical code. Using the two elements of dot and dash, you can express any meaning you need to express. Our bracelet adopts the design inspiration of this interesting Morse code. Each bracelet represents a meaning, which can help you express your mind
  • MAGNETIC BRACELETS: Magnetic bracelet is one new meaningful bracelet designed for emotional expression. When two bracelets are close, they will automatically attract each other and stick together. It's just like two people who hand in hand and heart in heart
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: You can get a pair of rope bracelets and a Morse code card. From the card, you can learn the Morse code corresponding to each of the 26 letters. While buying a pair of meaningful bracelets, you can also learn interesting Morse code